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Genre=Drama Runtime=1 h 47Min Tomatometers=6,5 / 10 72 vote writer=Susan Chan. Greets, with the new site in all Chinese I figured I'd start translating things. So here we go. Will update as I get more. Just using Google Translate. If any native Chinese speakers are in here and wish to correct/contribute, feel free. Signing up on their site gets you an email, the top of which has 3 hex numbers, "30 31 38, " (018 when translated). The email is in Chinese. It says, "Thank you for registering! You will receive the first technical newsletter on the next publication date. Sincerely, Ware Tech. " Okay, now on to the site itself... Page Links: Company Profile Product Stand by Apply immediately Home Page W/ARE Raises Dreams to a (new? ) Level An entrance to sleep that can both work and play, but also get enough rest. Utilize patented EEG and neural processing technology: Our head display allows you to join your favorite games, improve your work efficiency, and sleep better than before! Our standard package supports more than 40 popular online games, the best virtual office space, allowing unlimited simultaneous multiplayer users to use point-to-point connections. Optional cryptocurrency official mining support and dedicated neural server software plug-ins allow you to get the most out of your investment and help other players get a better W/ARE experience. (Orange button says "Learn more" and leads to Company Profile page. ) __ Easy to use • No need for GPU • Lifetime free upgrade (Orange button says "Technical brief" and leads to Product page. ) __   Sister application More information is coming soon __   Consumer Version Peer Provider Version Corporate Solutions $2, 000 $100 + Shared Dreamscape Processing Starting from $120, 000/year This package includes: This package includes: This package includes: W/ARE Header (headset? ) W/ARE Header (headset? ) 50 W/ARE heads (headset? ) Necessary USB Type-C cable Necessary USB Type-C cable Necessary USB Type-C cable Wireless charging stand Wireless charging stand Wireless charging stand for each device Operation Manual Operation Manual Operation Manual When installing for the first time, you will get: When installing for the first time, you will get: This annual subscription deploys licenses for commercial-grade software packages, including: Dreamscape Environment Software Dreamscape Environment Software Memory backup service Low track RAID memory backup service Suite Free trial for 2 months Free trial for 2 months Our award-winning "Modular Office World" Dreamscape environment is suitable for cross-team collaboration and helps increase efficiency. Provides affordable installment plans and additional services. All peer provider participants must have a gigabit-speed wired internet connection as your processing assistance participation will help support our Dreamscape cloud network. Help other users get the best experience and experience your Dreamscape at an affordable price! For additional options, cloud rendering technology, and add-on packages, please contact the company service team through our customer support line. __   Partner If you are interested in working with us or have questions about our products: Please contact our customer service team at. __   Developer registration [your email] Signup button Company Profile Company Profile W/ARE: A New Generation of Post-VR Engineers Located in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, China. Since 2015, we have created new and innovative use cases for EEG scanning technology, changing the way we interact with the world around us and ourselves. We focus on integrating subjective feelings in our products: we hope to more perfectly reproduce our modern society. There is financial support from local interaction design companies and at the same time with other major business partners in the international scientific community: Our existing strong and reliable medical-grade human-machine interface is a few light years ahead of competition. The small team that used to have only 3 people has now expanded into a full-featured R&D department with a mass production line and launched many software applications for corporate customers and individual consumers. We are proud that we are the sole supplier of more than 100 well-known customers and thousands of test users, and W/ARE's first-year earnings exceeded US$400 million. Our success and rapid development can not be separated from the respected CEOs, and the team of professional engineers who trust our products, and they have created the brilliant company. We embrace the dream of continuous improvement and development. We welcome all interested people to join us to create a better future! __ Huang Zhiming CEO CEO Huang Zhiming is Xiao Zhang's alumnus at the University of Electronic Science and Technology. He is a master of business in the university and believed in Xiao Zhang’s vision from the beginning. From collecting engineers and building the first product line, Huang Zhiming really promoted W/ The expansion of the ARE project. Her diligent work, keen business acumen, and extreme concentration helped W/ARE get a large number of angel investment opportunities and established an exclusive partnership in consumer-level application company technology. She possesses incredible marketing knowledge and ability, is very good at communication, promotes the development of W/ARE, quickly integrates the company's core, and makes our solutions surpass the HTC and Oculus in the sense of universality and immersion. VR solution. Her recognition and commitment have an invaluable role in expanding the broad market for VR equipment. Huang Zhiming and Xiao Zhang live very close together. The two often play golf together and meet investors in their perfectly shaped private office Dreamscape. __ Team Zhou Lin -Chief Development Engineer Li Dan -Chief Game Designer ang Bo -Chief Development Engineer Jiang Wei -Chief Game Designer Product W/ARE is the most powerful and technologically advanced head of the market. Advanced lucid dream sensing and high-bandwidth data processing hardware; you can use a compatible personal computer or smart phone to get a virtual reality experience without taking your time conscious! Our patented EEG and tACS systems are patented and very safe, sensing the entire REM and NREM sleep cycles and automatically adjusting to the processing needs of your favorite experience. It does not require user-maintained high-end software to help everyone experience the real neural rendering environment at an affordable price. If you want to improve efficiency: W/ARE also supports a wide range of industry standard office and creative applications! We work with and to provide you with the latest and suites. Using your own virtual office space more effectively than ever, even if you do it all night, you will feel a good rest! The W/ARE header contains all the hardware required for use, bundled with the default “Baku Studio” virtual environment, and can reflect the ideal personal workspace based on the detected personality prototype. The system initially uses two standard USB Type-C cables, but wireless connectivity is also available after the headphone display is calibrated, W/ARE is installed for the first time, and off-premise synchronized personal and memory backups are prepared. Old users can enjoy discounts on all compatible games and software, and new users can enjoy immersive Dreamscape tutorials. We offer all our customers a competitive price, a simple installment plan and a free option with advertising! __ Simple and safe dream sensing Use low frequency signals to stimulate the brain's forehead and temporal lobes: Our heads use the brain's natural processing power to generate advanced 3D graphics in real time, immersing you in your personal virtual space. In this process, you will go into deep sleep, keep your awareness of your actions, and act freely in Dreamscape. __ More real than real Take advantage of the actual computing power of the human brain: Travel in the most realistic virtual world! Our algorithm converts complex graphic processing microcode into a telepathic process that unlocks the creative potential of the brain. Whether it's a stimulating single-player experience or playing a real massive multiplayer online game with friends: All textures, sounds, smells, and tastes are just like real life. The W/ARE system is a mirror of the human soul. (Linked phrase, "brain's actual computing and processing capabilities" leads to Science Mag article. ) __ Real social experience Dreaming friends and colleagues! Whether it is to save the country of mystery, command the interplanetary spacecraft in distant galaxies, or just meet new people: W/ARE's social experience is full of ways to interact with other users. The dedicated social server allows you to spend a night with your friends in the town on your own terms, or let friends make a private chat with your studio. Customize Dreamscape to your liking and meet new people around the world. __ Improve efficiency Many companies began to encourage their employees to make the best use of their time. Complete more projects on time or learn new skills at night to become the focus of your office! Our suite of applications includes commonly used workplace productivity tools, e-learning courses, and collaborative Dreamscapes to increase your project efficiency by one level. We promise you will sleep well, worry less, have fun! (linked phrase, "make the best use of their time" leads to WaPo article) And the orange button at the bottom says "Apply immediately" and leads to an email opt-in form. Stand by / Support (looks like mainly FAQ) Which operating systems support W/ARE technology? The W/ARE Head is fully compatible with Windows 10, Mac OSX and Linux systems, as well as Android and iOS mobile platforms. With our dedicated back-end server and Dream- Dream version synchronization system, updates are automatically downloaded and installed in the background. Is W/ARE easy to use for inexperienced players? All W/ARE heads have a dream guide support role, and you can perform software troubleshooting and automatic repair when you are in a dream. This system also provides head-up usage information and tutorials for new users. We want all customers to have the highest quality experience; we also provide phone support and learning resources for the W/ARE software suite. What type of support is available as an independent developer? In addition to the help tools integrated in the software: You can call our support staff at any time. The W/ARE header you purchased contains 24/7 dreams and online support, all from trusted industry experts. Beginning with the W/ARE testing phase: We have established a team of hundreds of technicians in all major time zones to provide personalized support to users around the world. We ensure a smooth and high-quality customer service experience. What happens if the dream breaks? Is there a "save" function? If the user's head fails or there is frequent network delay: W/ARE provides free off-site memory backup service to ensure that there is no government intervention to provide an uninterrupted private dream when the local network is heavily congested. This service can also serve as an unlimited cloud save service for your favorite applications; it ensures you never lose valuable time! What kind of guarantee does the W/ARE product enjoy? Purchase or long-term hire of our products can enjoy 3 years of free full-service hardware warranty, as well as additional guarantee programs provided at the time of payment. For further expansion of guarantees and corporate plans, contact our support staff. Text at the very bottom of the site says, "© W/ARE - The New Generation of Neuro Engineers - " __.

I not said this is bad but HOW did his shirt get open in the accident. Free download xiao qu. 我也是韓國人,只是我來台灣很多年了. Hao Xiang Ni, Hao Xiang Ni! 3 (no idea, just love the melody. Free download xiao quiche. Submit Free Fonts FAQs Privacy Policy Contact Us Report Copyright Violation © 2011-2020 FontPalace. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: We are checking periodically that all the fonts which can be downloaded from are either shareware, freeware or come under an open source license. All the fonts on this website are their authors' property, If no designer or license is mentioned that's because we don't have information, that doesn't mean it's free. If you find any fonts on our website that are not come under aforementioned types, please report copyright violation immediately.

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Free download xiao quotes. Why's no one commenting on how cute the tortoise is? 😭🥺🥺. Free download xiao queen. Free Download Xiao qing. Hello, r/RWBY! As the title infers, I'm currently playing BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle a lot since its release. After the recent release of the rest of the game's characters, I've finally decided to talk about my view of what may be the most interesting addition to the game: RWBY. Most people did not expect that RWBY is going to get added to the game, and that includes me. Sure, RWBY had several games before this, but to collaborate with the Japanese FG giant Arc System Works is something beyond everyone. It's thrilling and unexpected, and analyzing the newly added characters is a lot of fun. So, without further ado, here we go! Note that most of the things written here are based solely on my observation and findings. General Most of the cast's animations are made with their individual trailers as a reference. In particular, their Astral Heat finishers ( except Ruby's) are taken from the climax of each of their respective trailers. Ruby's Petal Burst Distortion (sometimes nicknamed Burrito) may be a reference from the food fight scene. Ruby and Yang has colors of their mothers(? ) as the 13th color palette. In the same slot, Weiss and Blake have colors that reference a certain fairy tale princess. Several other color palette reference to other RWBY characters, such as team JNPR (many), Penny (robot girls only), Cinder (Nine the Phantom only), etc. Ruby Rose Obviously RWBY's poster girl for BBTAG. Listed as the one of the cutest character in the game, Ruby dashes into the game together with Weiss, initially, with Blake and Yang later joining in separately. Gameplay Ruby is perhaps one of the most famous/infamous character in the game. Notoriously easy to use and highly effective, a combination of curiosity and proven effectiveness has made Ruby a popular pick for players. In fact, Ruby has the highest representation in this year's EVO tournament's Top 64, and the tournament's winner plays Ruby as well. In-game, she uses her Semblance in tandem with Crescent Rose. Thanks to Crescent Rose, her attacks have a high range and fast attack speed, and her trademark recoil-plus-Semblance dash is also retained in the game. Interactions The first thing I notice about Ruby is that she is weapons-crazy. It is expected that the other universes in the game carry weapons that she may have never seen, and she spends most of the opportunity squealing and expressing her desire to inspect their weapons, with varying responses; potential victims include Ragna the Bloodedge's Aramasa, Es' Murakumo, Mai Natsume's Exseal, and the robot girls Aigis, Labrys and Vatista. Ruby: Oh please, can't I see your sword? Just for a little bit? Es: No. Other interactions: In a conversation with Gordeau, Ruby name-drops Qrow, saying that she hasn't found another scythe user in some time. She also made Gordeau question his youth. Ruby: I haven't met another scythe user in a really long time... Actually, Uncle Qrow might be the only one I know. Anyway, good work, old man!.... Gordeau:.. I really look that old? I've gotta take some time to process this... Ruby forms a temporary team called Team Rose together with Rachel Alucard, referencing Ruby's surname and Rachel's motif. Ruby: Oh yeah! Here comes Team Rose! Rachel: Make light of the rose and you may get pricked. Upon seeing Yuzuriha, Ruby mistook her for a samurai. Does the concept of Far East and samurais exist in the RWBY world? Ruby: I've heard of people like you... yeah, samurai! Yuzu: Well, I'm actually a guardian and not a samurai, but... oh, what the heck. Mandatory conversation with the other protagonists, Yu Narukami and Hyde Kido. Yu: No worries! With my Persona and your Semblance combined, no enemy can stand against us! Hyde: If you're scared, you can just stand back and watch. Weiss Schnee Makes up team RW, as Weiss puts it. Unfortunately, she is not that popular in terms of picks. Weiss remains the single RWBY character that is left unpicked in EVO's top 64, which is largely attributed to her mediocre moveset, apparent glitches, and the fact that there are other characters that can do her job better than her. Gameplay In the game, Weiss exhibits power over ice and wields Myrtenaster together with her Glyph Semblance - the glyphs are used either as footing for her attacks or bases for summoning icicles. Strangely, even though Myrtenaster's multi-colored Dust vials are visible in Weiss' sprite, she only uses her ice powers in the game. Unlike the other RWBY girls, Weiss' advantage of creating mixups through her glyphs do not come naturally. She has to sacrifice her wake-up (okizeme) coverage or go through elaborate setups to prepare her glyphs. Interactions It is visible that the Ice Queen carries herself with pride. She accepts compliments from people like Vatista with a vibe that feels like 'yup, I deserve it'. Vatista: Your capabilities have surpassed those of humans. Weiss: Oh, have you noticed? I tend to agree. She does not have much patience for people who do not follow her "plans", such as Makoto, Platinum and Nu. Weiss (to Makoto): Why didn't you fight according to the plan!? We spent so much time devising and going over it! Weiss (to Nu): Do you mind!? It's fine to improvise, but would you at least mind listening to your leader's instructions a LITTLE? On the other hand, she displays a level of respect towards remarkable people such as Yu and fellow rapier wielders Orie and Mit suru. Weiss: One should always strive to be the best version of herself. I want to be the best partner you could have. Orie: Hehe, what a wonderful thought. Then I too promise to be your best possible partner, as long as time permits. Strangely, she also has affinity with fire-wielding characters such as Yukiko and Nine - the things they say there make for great one-liners! Weiss: How did you like our dance? Did you enjoy the storm of fire and ice? Other interactions: My personal favorite is Weiss' interaction with Hakumen. In here, Hakumen acts as a mentor of sorts to Weiss, with several comments in the video I linked noting that Hakumen is a better father figure than Weiss' own father. What's with that? Hakumen: Do not doubt yourself, nor your resolve. Weiss: I know. I just need to overcome my old self. Weiss' figure is made fun of by Platinum the Trinity, and she takes great offense at her remark. Platinum (Luna): Well, I guess you did okay, in spite of your cup size. Weiss: Excuse me?! Her 'Ice Queen' moniker is noticed by other characters, such as Naoto and Mit suru - a fact that she does not always appreciate. Naoto: So, you're the famed Ice Queen. Weiss: Why does everybody call me that?! Mitsuru: Calm analysis and precision strikes... Just what you'd expect from the Ice Queen. Weiss: You're not bad yourself, Imperious Queen of Executions... I pity the opponent in the face of your mercilessness. Blake Belladona Team BY comes in later as downloadable content. The internet did go into an outrage when ArcSys announced that Blake and Yang would be DLC, together with 18 of the game's roster, but thankfully they are free (while the game and the other DLCs are below normal price) and the outrage died along with that announcement. Blake is popular among the Western players, notably for her mixup potential and high speed, but is left untouched in the East who favor screen coverage (and hence Ruby) more. Gameplay In contrast with other RWBY girls, Blake does not use her own Semblance that often. Most of her moveset takes advantage of Gambol Shroud's long scythe range and her own reflexes and speed. Whenever her Semblance is used though, Blake has the option of summoning a Stone Shadow (physical barrier), a normal Shadow (obscures her image in a certain area) and a Fire Shadow (area-of-effect damage if triggered). Interactions It may be her voice actress, but Blake strikes me as being disinterested and grumpy all the time. Her introduction sprite sometimes shows her closing a book reluctantly, and she often complains about her partner's fighting style and/or her own difficulties in battle, such as in conversations with Ragna, Gordeau or Hazama. Blake: (to Ragna) Geez... You're charging in head-on without even thinking. Blake: (to Gordeau) You're all over the place... I can't even keep track of who the enemy is. She also expresses her desire to stop fighting to Hyde. Blake: It's just constant fighting, both here and at home... I just want a little rest. Notably, Blake often clashes in terms of ideologies with characters who claim to uphold justice such as Orie and Izayoi, possibly because of her own jaded view on what 'justice' is. Blake: You're not so childish as to confuse power with justice, are you? Orie: But power is the fastest way to gain control of the situation, and here we have no choice. Even Blake's big ribbon, which may have helped in hiding her Faunus identity back in the RWBY world, does not help her much here. Jin: Stay in the shadows like the beast you are. Merkava: That was somewhat pleasant. Thank you, Faunus. Makoto:... a ribbon isn't enough to hide those ears from me! Other interactions: Keeping up with her gloomy antics, Blake does not share Yuzuriha's enthusiasm. Yuzu: We are the blades that hide within sounds and cut through the shadows! Yeah, I totally rocked that! Blake: Do you have to say that every single time? Blake has a subtle reference to Adam in her conversation with Jin, with Iaido as the main aspect. Jin: Stay out of my range while I'm fighting, or I might cut you, too. Blake: Don't worry about me... I'm used to fighting with people who use Iaido. Blake is wary around Hazama, who is definitely very shady. Blake: I'm not turning my back to [Hazama]. Blake somehow has a soft spot for Merkava. I can't wrap my head around this interaction, though - perhaps because both faced discrimination? Blake: I'll never judge a book by its cover. Not even you. Merkava: I swear by the human soul that resides within my body that I shall uphold this vow (Blake will protect Merkava as long as Merkava does not harm others) as long as your words remain true. In what may have been the most ignorant move for her, Blake acts aloof towards Jubei, not realizing that the latter holds the tile of the strongest being in BlazBlue's universe. It's fun to see the beastkin/Faunus interaction, though! Jubei: Heh, kids these days. Another notable interaction exists in the game's story mode, where Makoto (a demi-human, BlazBlue equivalent of Faunus) discusses her race's state along with Blake, who faced similar predicaments. Sadly they do not interact in fights. Makoto: But I imagine they've put you through hell in your world, too. I know how that feels... Yang Xiao Long The last piece of the RWBY crew, Yang enters after Blake instead of entering together. The backlash that made Blake free DLC also made Yang free, naturally. Gameplay Technically, Yang relies on Ember Celica and her martial arts skill in most of the fights' duration - that changes when her health enters a certain threshold. Once she is at critical health, she activates her Semblance, making her hair burning hot, giving her attacks additional damage and properties, and changing whatever BGM the fight has to I Burn. The latter aspect often annoys players and simultaneously induces trauma in players who got beaten by Yang players. Interactions Yang is cheerful, hot-headed and often expresses delight in the prospect of fights. Most of the cast's other martial-arts-oriented character, such as Chie, Aki hiko, Kanji, Azrael and Mika share her burning passion. Yang: Chumps like this aren't gonna light a fire inside me. Azrael: Oho... then how about we set that smolder ablaze! On the other hand, several others such as Noel and Tager do not mesh well with her kind of approach. Noel: Eh, that seems like a little more than "a little". Tager: Even a thousand lives wouldn't be enough to save me from your recklessness. Other interactions: Yang expresses disappointment when her battle performance is eclipsed by Waldstein, who wields equal, if not more, power than her. Waldstein: Gwaahahahaha! Now THIS is a battlefield! An encounter with a powerful foe never fails to excite me. Yang: Well, I'm glad you're happy, at least. But geez, you could've given me some room to show off a little. Her interaction with Yosuke throws a curveball at a potential shipping between them, with Yang calling Yosuke's Persona cute instead of Yosuke himself. Yang: I didn't know what to a expect at first, but you're pretty good. Especially... that cute Persona! Yosuke: Heh heh. Cute, huh?.., enough about Jiraiya, what about me!? Yang butts head against Carmine, who is annoyed at her antics. Carmine: Guh... Why am I stuck with someone like you? Yang: Once this fight's over, I'll take you on too. Now come on, let's go. In their conversation, Yang even reaches a new level of threatening: Yang: Once I'm done with you, you'll really want to die. ♪ In her conversation with Labrys, Yang praises her fighting style. Labrys wields a giant axe, which means that her fighting style should be as destructive as Yang's, explaining her awe. Yang: Wow, Labrys, the way you fight is so wild! Closing Words# Whew, that was a long text! It's kinda fun talking a lot about what I see from the RWBY girls in the game. Discussions are welcome, so hit me up with any questions regarding this! And, if you're one of the people who braved him/herself through this wall of text, I express my thanks. Edit: Grammar fixes, additional quotes and facts, a whole new section.

THIS IS A FAN-PROJECT AND AS SUCH, IT'S COMPLETELY FREE AND ALWAYS WILL BE. CHARACTERS ADDED TO THE GAME THIS MONTH General Ironwood,??? ROUTES ADDED TO THE GAME THIS MONTH Pyrrha Nikos, Velvet Scarlatina A good evening from Italy. Meinos Kaen here with the March 2017 release of JPDE. What's JPDE? JPDE is a Dating Sim/RPG set in the RWBY series during the timeline of V2 and V3. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android Systems. I release an updated version with new content every month. JPDE is currently completely SFW. PG13, T for Teens. Loods will be an option in the future. You can leave any review/feedback about the story and report any bugs on the project's Discord Server or on our Subreddit. Dating Sim/RPG? By interacting with characters from the show you unlock new routes and change the ending but it's still a RWBY fan work. There can't not be fighting, which is why JPDE has RPG styled fighting systems. Does CHARACTER NAME have a route? My aim is to have a route for every possible character that appeared in the series from Volumes 1 through 3 but it won't be anytime soon. THIS MONTH'S POLLS FOR THE NEW CHARACTERS AND THE NEW ROUTES ARE STILL UP Characters with a Route in the game so far RUBY ROSE [1 Event] YANG XIAO LONG [1 Event] WEISS SCHNEE [1 Event] BLAKE BELLADONNA [1 Event] PYRRHA NIKOS [1 Event] VELVET SCARLATINA [1 Event] You can download the latest release here. I hope you have as much fun playing this as I did making it, and I of course invite you to support the original series by Rooster Teeth. Meinos Kaen.

Free Download Xiao q u. Imagine the Chinese emperor cleaning the pavement in front of your house. Would they know who he was. 2:34 - Notice that Puyi has a teardrop tattoo near his right eye.

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好有感觸,同自己BB養到大的愛犬,神態各樣都好似. Free download xiao quilts. Free download xiao quest. So sad this drama the end. 超级好听的,天天重复听,哈哈,1.5倍更好听,哈哈哈,真不会是大马top1youtuber鬼才啊. 太强了. 哈哈(真的,很强). Why did Gavin say, “我住北京” and not, “我住在北京” ? Wouldnt what he said be, “I live Beijing?” Im learning Chinese, so I may be wrong entirely. Free download xiao questions and answers. Free download xiao quality. Free download xiaomai pdf reader.








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