The Gentlemen
8.0 out of 10 stars - 960 votes





duration: 1 hours, 53 M
genre: Action
Ratings: 8,8 / 10 Stars
directors: Guy Ritchie
audience score: 4565 votes
[Windows. Charlie's mention of Jack O'Connell was such an unexpected gift. THE POWER OF THESE 4 Y'ALL AHHH.

I heard The Gentleman generally always finishes last. The 14k dislikes are actually likes, they were just inverted. One of juries is gay Can you guess Who!. Joker : How about another Joke? Howard : nope. This is me, This is How I Win. My ovaries can't take this. Looks like some Kingsman spinoff involving the next sequel's villains lol.

1:18 what is that song called

After watching the movie, its basically Shelby and Miles v Ford with some Italians in it The movie. It needs to be violent, this Stephen Speilberg like Director needs help from the man himself. Taranteno. Lincoln y'all. Damn I've been wanting more Midnight Diner since I found it on netflix - maybe they'll sell the series on bluray. This is the chattiest cast. You can tell they really do get along very well. I'm surprised there wasn't a tribute to Kobe from Chris. He's such a dignified man, thought he would have given Kobe a shout out. Before I get slated for Kobe being a sportsman and Chris being a film reviewer. Remember that Kobe transcended sport and even won an Oscar for a short film. I'm just saying it would have been nice to hear nice words, from a nice man.

Charlie should think ab doing som reviews of older movies too, like kill bill etc

Looks like one worth seeing. Jimmy: so let me ask you a couple of random questions Joaquin: prepares revolver.


Aladdin was really bad. But Ill definitely check out the gentlemen. This movie will be set in 2068 when Disney buys gta(and every other franchise) If I get 250 i will change year to 2069. Absolutely Different from Kingsman 1 & 2. How much outdated slow mo you want? Michael bay -yess. This movie is boyond epic, outstanding. Makes me wanna hit 7000 RPM. Glorifying violence, wonderful.


Michael “explosiones locas” Bay is back! ❤️. What the men don't quite understand is that bless your heart is kind of a backhanded compliment. It sounds nice, but it really tells you that you're an idiot. 1:54 Colin Farrell playing Mark Strong. I really wanted to go see this movie unfortunately it got rated 18 and I couldnt sneak in disguise. So disappointed. Guess Ill have to wait for it to come to disk. Good video anyway man, makes me want to watch it even more.

[Windows] drivers. Thats Charlie hunnam? He looks like Tom hardy. Wow. 1:22 - Sony A9 (vertical grip) with a 70-200 f2.8 G lens. Nice set up, Hugh. Joe looks like he's ready to sell some DirecTV to a Wal-Mart shopper that doesn't speak English... 😂. Henry Golding. Beautiful. Another Ryan Reynolds movie where he just plays Ryan Reynolds. [Windows] extraordinaires.



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